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Our missionProtecting ecosystems & biodiversity for a brighter future

"Nothing leaves a deeper impression than the personal experience of being out in nature."  

Guided by these words by Prof. Heinz Sielmann, his foundation and its projects pursue three key goals: 

  • Protecting and restoring refuges for rare species of animals and plants 
  • Guiding people towards a positive approach to nature
  •  Preserving the Heinz Sielmann nature film archive

The Heinz Sielmann Stiftung positions itself within the framework of inter­national nature and climate protection efforts and clearly links its contri­butions with the internationally agreed Sustainable Develop­ment Goals (SDGs), thereby fulfilling its global responsi­bility as an established German nature conser­vation foundation. The interna­tional projects of the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung focus on restoring ecosystem functions by reforesting selected areas together with local partners and communities.

Founder & wildlife filmmakerHeinz Sielmann

"I am fortunate to be able to look back on a long life in nature. The past few years have shown me how important it is to limit our attitude of excess towards our environment. Only then will future generations have the chance of a future worth living."

Reforestation inEthiopia

Ethiopia's natural landscapes have suffered dramatic losses in recent decades. To coun­ter this trend, the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung cooperates with the Menschen für Menschen Foundation and local communities.

Protecting biodiversity inUganda

Biodiversity is acutely at risk in Uganda. An ambitious local organi­sation resolutely opposes this constant loss of unscathed natural environments and is all the more worthy of our foundation's support. 

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Natalie Klein
Advisor for International Cooperation

Heinz Sielmann Stiftung
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Phone: +49 (0)5527 914432
Mobile: +49 (0)51 17156607
E-Mail: natalie.klein(at)sielmann-stiftung.de