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While filming in Africa, Heinz Sielmann was fascinated by the glorious diversity of nature. But the natural habitats visited and immor­talised by Heinz Sielmann in his films no longer exist today. Even in Uganda, the country with the most bird species in Africa, biodiversity is acutely at risk.

Over 1,000 different bird species, including the endangered shoebill, are about to lose their habitats. European migratory birds that use Uganda as a wintering area are also endangered, finding less and less food and suitable resting places. Examples include the highly endangered whinchat and the lesser spotted eagle, which is on the brink of extinction, as well as more widely known species such as the white stork, the red-backed shrike, and the nightingale.

Civil society organisation from Rakai founds an initiative for the protection of natural resources and environmental education

Any ambitious local non-governmental organisation in Uganda that resolutely opposes the constant loss of unscathed natural environments is worthy of support. In 2011, a group of inhabitants of the Rakai district in the south of the country founded an initiative called RECO (Rakai Environmental Conservation Programme). RECO is committed to restoring, protecting, and promoting sustainable use of natural forest on extremely degraded land. In this way, RECO is making a key contribution to biodiversity in the area, helping to preserve it for future generations. 

The initiative's integrated development concept includes cultivating indigenous trees and crops, large tree plantations, and introducing agro­forestry methods into local agricultural practice. The organisation holds educational events on nature conservation, sustainable land use, and biodiversity in schools and other venues, pro­moting awareness and commitment for environ­mental protection in a locally applicable context.

The Heinz Sielmann Stiftung supports the dedication of this initiative, which has achieved inspiring results in its disadvantaged area in rural Uganda. 

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